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The CodeDDD Project

CodeDDD is a set of lightweight Application Blocks with the goal of help on the development of NLayered DDD Applications. It is limited, of course, only to the "coding" part of a project related to Domain Driven Design (DDD) - code based on DDD patterns, does not mean having a DDD solution.

From a macro view of the CodeDDD Project, it's divided into two main sectors: the Seedwork App Blocks and the Framework Application Blocks. Martin Fowler has a very interesting post related to Seedwork (and I realy recommed you to read this), but in the context of the CodeDDD App Blocks we will consider Seedwork as the most possible reusable library, that can serve the maximum number of Apps Contexts. Framework, for us, will be libraries related to some specific approach or tecnolgy.

Seedwork Application Blocks

  • Domain Seedwork Application Block
  • Application Seedwork Application Block
  • Crosscutting Infrastructure Seedwork Application Block

Framework Application Blocks

  • Application Framework Application Block
  • MVC Presentation Application Block
  • EntityFramework Data Infrastructure Application Block


Each Application Block will be available as a NuGet package to be easy to use and update the libraries references.

Next Steps

  • Publish the NuGet Packages project by project, so they were coded
  • Create a Quick Start page, helping how to use the CodeDDD
  • Publish a Sample App using the CodeDDD NuGet Packages
  • Provide a basic documentation to help users


Although the CodeDDD team is not responsible for the use of the offered packages, we recomend to make "professional use" of CodeDDD only after the Beta version release.

CodeDDD was developed inspired and based on Microsoft Spain - Domain Oriented N-Layered .NET 4.0 Sample App and by other development experiences of the coordinator and his friends.

For more information about Domain Driven Design and other interesting contents:

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